Multicast DNS

group ESP_MDNS

mDNS function


espr_t esp_mdns_configure(uint8_t en, const char *host, const char *server, esp_port_t port, const esp_api_cmd_evt_fn evt_fn, void *const evt_arg, const uint32_t blocking)

Configure mDNS parameters with hostname and server.


espOK on success, member of espr_t enumeration otherwise

  • [in] en: Status to enable 1 or disable 0 mDNS function

  • [in] host: mDNS host name

  • [in] server: mDNS server name

  • [in] port: mDNS server port number

  • [in] evt_fn: Callback function called when command has finished. Set to NULL when not used

  • [in] evt_arg: Custom argument for event callback function

  • [in] blocking: Status whether command should be blocking or not