How it works¶

GPS NMEA Parser parses raw data formatted as NMEA 0183 statements from GPS receivers. It supports up to 4 different statements:

  • GPGGA or GNGGA: GPS fix data

  • GPGSA or GNGSA: GPS active satellites and dillusion of position

  • GPGSV or GNGSV: List of satellites in view zone

  • GPRMC or GNRMC: Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data


By changing different configuration options, it is possible to disable some statements. Check GPS Configuration for more information.

Application must assure to properly receive data from GPS receiver. Usually GPS receivers communicate with host embedded system with UART protocol and output directly formatted NMEA 0183 statements.


Application must take care of properly receive data from GPS.

Application must use gps_process function for data processing. Function will:

  • Detect statement type, such as GPGGA or GPGSV

  • Parse all the terms of specific statement

  • Check valid CRC after each statement

Programmer’s model is as following:

  • Application receives data from GPS receiver

  • Application sends data to gps_process function

  • Application uses processed data to display altitude, latitude, longitude, and other parameters

Check Examples and demos for typical example