This is the default configuration of the middleware. When any of the settings shall be modified, it shall be done in dedicated application config lwbtn_opts.h file.


Check Getting started for guidelines on how to create and use configuration file.


Default configuration setup.



Minimum debounce time in units of milliseconds.

This is the time input shall have stable level to detect valid onpress event


Minimum active input time for valid click event, in milliseconds.

Input shall be pressed at least this amount of time to even consider the potential valid click event. Set the value to 0 to disable this feature


Maximum active input time for valid click event, in milliseconds.

Input shall be pressed at most this amount of time to still trigger valid click. Set to -1 to allow any time triggering click event.


Maximum allowed time between last on-release and next valid on-press, to still allow multi-click events, in milliseconds.

This value is also used as a timeout length. It sends onclick event if there is no further presses by the application.


Maximum number of allowed consecutive click events, before structure gets reset to default value.


Keep-alive event period, in milliseconds.


Enables 1 or disables 0 immediate onclick event after on-release event, if number of consecutive clicks reaches max value.

When this mode is disabled, onclick is sent in one of 2 cases:

  • An on-click timeout occurred

  • Next on-press event occurred before timeout expired