# Changelog

## Develop

- Split CMakeLists.txt files between library and executable
- Add C++ wrapper functions
- Change license year to 2022
- Update code style with astyle
- Add `.clang-format` draft

## v2.0.0

- Remove `len` parameter for regions definition. Affected functions: `lwmem_assignmem` and `lwmem_assignmem_ex`
- Create separate branch for v1.x, for critical maintenance purpose only

## v1.6.0

- Add option to define regions with array only, setting length to `0` by default
- Update documentation for functions

## v1.5.3

- Update CMSIS OS driver to support FreeRTOS aware kernel

## v1.5.2

- Fix missing region parameter in some allocation or reallocation cases

## v1.5.1

- Fix memory cleanup macro setup

## v1.5.0

- Add option to cleanup memory on free and realloc operations

## v1.4.0

- New artistic code style
- Replace configuration
- Several bug fixes

## v1.3.0

- Added option for custom LwMEM instance for complete isolation
- Added `_ex` functions for extended features for custom instances
- Added macros for backward-compatible, default instance, allocation functions
- Added option to force LwMEM to allocate memory at specific region
- Added win32 examples

## v1.2.0

- Fix comments to easily undestand architecture
- Migrate examples to CMSIS-OS v2
- Use pre-increment instead of post-increment
- Other C code style fixes

## v1.1.0

- Added support for thread-safety application
- Added boundary check of all internal pointers
- Added tests code directly in library
- Bug fixes