# Changelog

## Develop

- Split CMakeLists.txt files between library and executable
- Change license year to 2022
- Add `.clang-format` draft
- Change license year to 2023
- Add memory overflow check
- Add more events for pre and post write & read operations
- Add more recent version of LwRB
- Fix compilation error if CRC mode is disabled
- Add support for dynamic configuration, to support multiple LwPKT instances in one project

## v1.2.0

- Added support for events on packet ready, read or write operation
- Add `library.json` for

## v1.1.0

- Added support for variable length for address fields

## v1.0.1

- Added sphinx documentation to the repository
- Improved code documentation for doxygen compliancy

## v1.0.0

- First stable release