Examples and demos

Various examples are provided for fast library evaluation on embedded systems. These are prepared and maintained for 2 platforms, but could be easily extended to more platforms:


Library is platform independent and can be used on any platform.

Example architectures

There are many platforms available today on a market, however supporting them all would be tough task for single person. Therefore it has been decided to support (for purpose of examples) 2 platforms only, WIN32 and STM32.


Examples for WIN32 are prepared as Visual Studio Community projects. You can directly open project in the IDE, compile & debug.


Embedded market is supported by many vendors and STMicroelectronics is, with their STM32 series of microcontrollers, one of the most important players. There are numerous amount of examples and topics related to this architecture.

Examples for STM32 are natively supported with STM32CubeIDE, an official development IDE from STMicroelectronics.

You can run examples on one of official development boards, available in repository examples.